(APRIL 21st, 2018)

Turners setting-up tables for the day's fun. Toymakers setting-up for the day's fun. Gary H. smiles for the camera.
Our reliable KWWG signs in service. Judy S. setting-up her scroll saw. Tom C. getting ready to make spinning tops.
Carl O. turning a spinning top for kids. Our Sales Table getting set-up. Stu R.'s products for sale.
Another view of Stu R.'s Wood Work. For the first year, we had a 2x4 Challenge. What can be made from one 8' 2x4?
It looks like many, many things can be made. A dulcimer with cedar fret-board. A step-stool can be made.
A model working trebuchet can be made. A turned bowl from 2x4 can be made. A second turned bowl after a bit of a disaster with #1.
One made an apple box with 1 8' 2x4. One member made a trike. Dave S. surveying the Sales Table.



JULY 1st, 2017 ART - IN - THE - PARK  
Sales Table all set up for business Carl O at the mini lathe Sandi T & Steve Q waiting for the fun to begin
Here's one of our wooden signs Here's what our table looked like before the crush After all the dust settled, this is our supply
Vic setting-up - Gary taking photos Toymakers busy as ever in their corner Another view of the toymakers corner

We were invited to attend the Family Day Celebrations at the Tournament Competition Centre on Feb. 13th, 2017


We, of course, said, "Yes." and we set-up a few tables and helped kids cut-out and assemble wooden cars...

  Here's the whole gang who attended. Busy with making toys for kids. Janessa sports a neat looking apron.
  Steve, Gary, Warren, Sandi, Janessa, Terry    
  Terry helps young man make a car. Warren & Janessa helping make a car... Sandi helping a young man make a car..
  Steve giving information to parent. Terry get swarmed with kids making cars. Young lady checking out Terry's airplane.
  Gary helps young lady make a car. Janessa helps young man on drill press. Gary helps on drill press.
  Proud young lady using drill press. Terry making a car. Great crowd in attendance. Terry working with the kids and cars.
  #1 overview of crowd at TCC #2 overview of crowd at TCC #3 overview of crowd at TCC
2017 Kamloops Arts Council 2017 A-I-P Guidelines (page_01.jpg) We are now paid-up members of KAC Kamloops Art Council 2017 A-I-P Guidelines (Page 02.jpg)
2016 On July 1st, we were at Art In The Park for our 6th year straight.    
  Starting early, we get set-up. The Water Park was broke down. Russ & Judy busy at sales table.
  Here's a view of our Demo Set-up. Toymakers busy at their table. George & Vic work the scroll saws.
    Our booth assignment sign.  
2016 JDRF Meet-A-Machine Day
April 16, 2016

(JDRF - Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation)

The Kamloops Wood Workers Guild were asked if we would like to participate in the Meet-A-Machine Day at the KIB Dance Arbour.

We said, "Sure we will."

And now the rest is history; we spent a whole day there and had demonstrations folks showing some of the things we do - Lathe work, Scroll Saw work, Toy Making, etc.,


We even had two of our members donate to the JDRF's Raffle draw; Russ Cahoon donated a hand-made motorcycle 1/4 scale, and Jerry Gauthier donated a 100-year old wood framed mirror.

Both were gratefully accepted by Jim Moorehouse of the JDRF.

  Russ and Tag setting up Sales Table Three fellows setting up wood lathes Our total space allotted to us
  Tag & Terry visit at Toy Makers Table Russ setting up Sales Table Sales Table almost ready to start
  Toy Makers were very busy all day Everybody is busy, busy, busy Russ and Mike visit during a lull in the action
  1/8th size Diesel Electric unit with actual engine inside  The Machinists Group were present with these items Frame for 5-axel steam engine getting ready
    There were many, many displays, rides, face-painting, etc., that we just didn't have time to visit ourselves....

There is a JDRF webpage to go to;
< http://www.jdrf.ca/locations/bc-yukon/kamloops/#Community Events >


    Other attractions were costumed folks  

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